cropped-rosetta-profile1.jpgRosetta Carrington Lue is a pioneer in government customer experience and the Co-Founder of the National 311 Executive Leadership Council and the new 311 Government Professional Association.

She is one of the foremost experts on government customer-centric leadership and building a welcoming, connective and innovative government. 

After serving in various customer experience leadership positions at every level of government, Rosetta founded her consulting company in 2018.  As a management consulting firm that specializes in government contact centers, Rosetta and her team of professionals have a wealth of knowledge across a variety of mission-critical areas of operation, and utilize that knowledge to optimize the client’s business processes, improve the customer and agent experience, and increase the customer satisfaction so you can focus on what you do best – running the contact center.

Rosetta and her team of professionals possess the ability to effectively guide government leaders and agencies to excel in improving the customer and employee experiences based on their background as a practitioner working across municipal, local, city, state and the federal government.

Rosetta is widely recognized as a leading expert in customer experience and transformation. She led and implemented the successful implementation of several highly visible projects, including the City of Philadelphia 311, White House Veteran Administration 311 Hotline, and myVA311 digital enterprise platform.

Want more information?  You can contact Rosetta at 202-670-2880 or