Agent Training – Level 1

At this training, we work directly with the records of conversations of your operators. The trainer listens to a sample of records before the training, in order to concentrate on the most important problems during the training. We will devote a part of the training to acquaintance with the basic requirements for conversations, after which we will listen a lot, analyze and develop skills on specific recordings and live practice.

The target audience

Contact center operators, customer service and sales department specialists, and all whose duties include direct communication with customers. We especially recommend starting with this training to companies with a small customer service department at the stage of implementing changes (building a contact center). Due to its specificity, training is conducted exclusively in a corporate format.

Purpose of the event

To help participants practice the basic skills of telephone conversation ethics.


Telephone etiquette

  • Friendliness. How to win customer loyalty during a conversation?
  • A smile that works wonders!
  • Attentive listening is not only a tool for reducing talk time.
  • We train clarity, confidence, and conciseness.
  • How to get rid of parasitic words and other unacceptable vocabularies in a conversation?
  • Stylistics and grammar in conversation.
  • Tonality, intonation, and diction – magic tools that work wonders!

Dialogue structure

  • The main components of the dialogue.
  • Identifying needs – the key to a successful sale.
  • 100% presentation! All you need for a successful sale.
  • Two “hare” in one conversation. How not only to answer the question but to prevent the likelihood of subsequent questions?

Work with objections

  • Causes of customer objections.
  • Why you can not say “no.”
  • Skills of working with objections.

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