Contact Center Business Processes Review

Depends on the scope of the project
7-10 days

In order to optimize or automate any process, it is important to first understand how it looks now. It is important to clearly see the process as it is. Usually, the owners understand this and set tasks for their subordinates to describe the processes. But due to its workload, as well as lack of experience describing processes, the task is postponed for an indefinite period. Even worse, when the business starts to automate, the introduction of CRM or other key decisions without describing in advance their business processes. As a result, unsuccessful implementations, which cost many companies huge sums of money.

We will fully undertake this scrupulous work with complete readiness and joy. We will delve into the processes of each department, create a register of such processes. Then we will communicate with employees who are directly involved in them. We will ask the necessary questions and fix each element.

You’ll get:

– ready register of business processes of your company.

– visualization of your business processes in Visio.

– additional text description of processes (if necessary)

– A list of recommendations that we recorded during work.

Nowadays, the speed of introducing changes is the best competitive advantage!


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