Creating a Contact Center From Scratch

Depends on the scope of the project
1-3 months

We will build a turn-key contact center for your organization or carry out any of the tasks that are on your way to its creation. Some of the best experts who have built many successful contact centers are working on the projects. Here are just some of the tasks that we will complete for you in the optimal time frame:

  • We will create a strategic plan for the development of the contact center. You will see that a contact center is a tool with which you can solve many problems and significantly increase the profitability of the business.
  • We will analyze the tasks that face the contact center, help you choose the optimal platform for implementation. We will prepare a technical task and fully accompany the implementation.
  • Set up the IVR logic, contact routing, select the optimal type of redial and implement it.
  • Let’s help with the choice of the city of a location, a platform for placement. Let’s render the complex help in the equipment of the room and workplaces.
  • Let us analyze all points of contact center interaction with other units. We construct business processes for such interactions. We will show you the best solutions for automating such processes and help you implement them.
  • Let’s write down the scripts of conversations and templates of written answers for all main types of client references.
  • We will recommend the optimal organizational structure for your unit, taking into account the specifics of the business and the scale of the tasks.
  • We will select the captain for your team, and also help you to close other key vacancies.
  • We will consult and provide recommendations regarding the main analytics of the contact center.
  • Teaching staff the necessary skills – from the ethics of telephone communication and sales skills to the effective management of the contact center.

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