Delivering Customer Experience in a Cost Effective Manner

Provide the best possible customer experience using tools and techniques already available

What client questions will it answer?

  • How can I improve customer experience without spending a fortune?

  • How can I use the people and tools already available to me to improve customer experience?

Who will benefit from it?

  • Front line managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Contact center quality managers

What is the format?​

  • One-day workshop

This one-day workshop demonstrates innovative ways to understand, create and manage the customer experience in all channels. Attendees will develop a comprehensive understanding of:

  • customer experience drivers

  • understanding the customer

  • designing the experience and making it consistent

  • leveraging low-cost channels

  • expectation management

  • empowering and engaging staff

  • metrics and benchmarking

  • customer feedback management.

As a result of this course, attendees will have an understanding of leading a customer-focused team.  The interactive training program includes a presentation, followed by interactive breakout sessions, providing participants with the opportunity to practically apply their learning.