Get To Know Key Performance Indicators

Contact center managers, supervisors, operational directors, company executives, technical specialists are all who want to understand the key accessibility indicators of the contact center and ensure optimal availability indicators for their company and customers.

Purpose of the event

Train participants to measure accessibility indicators at the level of various types of contacts.


You will get acquainted with the main indicators of accessibility, such as AR, BR (A), BR (B), SL, ASA, learn how to measure them and ensure optimal accessibility for your customers in your contact center.


  • Familiarity with basic terminology. Contact classification.
  • The logic of the incoming call. Types of call blocking. The principle of measurement indicators Blocked Rate (A) and Blocked Rate (B).
  • Indicators of Service level and Average Speed ​​of Answer. The principle of measurement.
  • Abandonment Rate and Average Time To Abandon. The relationship of AR and SL.
  • The impact of customer tolerance on accessibility. Indicators for online monitoring. Practical task.
  • Chat. Chat logic Chat Accessibility Indicators.
  • Service level and Average Time Late. Principles of accessibility measurement for e-mail inquiries.
  • Measuring accessibility for other types of contacts: Viber, SM, Call back, as well as for outgoing campaigns using Predictive dialer.

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