Based on increase demand from our clients, we created the GovCX Training Academy in 2018,  Why? A recent Harvard Business Journal article shows “According to one industry report, U.S. companies spent over $90 billion dollars on training and development activities in 2017, a year-over-year increase of 32.5 %.” 

However, critics point to a painful lack of results from these investments.  Are see returns on your training investment?  Seeing improved results in the contact center staff quality assurance goals?  If not, have you asked yourself “how effective is our training programs?”.

GOVCX Officers Training Program
Welcome to the GovCX Training Academy

Fortunatly, training your contact center employees are an essential part of delivering a great customer experience at our CX Training Academy.  Ideally, you want your staff to recognize customers’ problems, offer best-practice solutions, and even detect problem areas in advance.

Rosetta and her team can tailor training programs and workshops to meet the needs of your organization and its people. The training programs and workshops consist of practical advice, case studies and templates to give your team a head start in designing, implementing and sustaining a ‘wow’ customer experience. The programs leverage industry data and insights to help you build new approaches that will transform your organization’s customer experience from good to great.  

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