3-1-1 Implementation Innovators

3-1-1 creates a central hub for constituents to be able to access a variety of city services. The number 3-1-1 was intended in part to divert routine inquiries and non-urgent community concerns from the 9-1-1 number which is reserved for emergency service but has matured into omni channel community engagement operations. 

Want to work with government experts with actual experience and operational hands-on knowledge of running a nationally recognized and multi-faceted 3-1-1 contact center as a government employee and not a contractor?  No need to look any further!

For example, does your organization want to know how to expand its role in meeting customer needs by first determining whether the processes, practices, and technology within its 3-1-1 Contact Center aligned with senior leadership’s vision? Lue & Associates can  conduct a contact center assessment to determine how the agency should best increase their customer experience.

The approach involved a review of current processes and practices, staffing, communications and technology.   The outcome of the project was an agency report to support current operational objectives, peer-to-peer benchmarking, and operational priorities to identify the gap between the “as is” vs the “to-be” environment to achieve the agency’s vision with the use of innovative cloud-based technology from Snapshotz Online.

Other 3-1-1 consulting services include:

  • Vision and Integrated Strategy Planning
  • Community and Employee Human Centered Design Workshops
  • 311 Business Justification and Planning
  • Implementation Readiness Assessment
  • Software Requirements & RFP Development
  • System Selection Support
  • Contract Negotiation Support
  • Workforce Optimization
  • Contact Center Recruiting, Retention, and Succession/Development Planning
  • Call Center Technology (CRM, ACD, AI, etc.) Implementation Support
  • Digital (On-line) Transformation and Engagement Best Practices
  • Leadership and Community Performance Management Programs
  • Data Requirements and Analytics Program
  • 311 Innovative and Nationally Recognized Community Engagement Programs
  • Community Satisfaction and Experience Programs
  • Emerging and Digital Technology Initiative Planning and Programs
  • 311 Audit, Assessment and Peer Group Benchmarking Program
  • 311 External and Internal Training and Implementation
  • 311 Journey Mapping and Re-engineering Processes
  • 311 Service Level Agreements (new or existing support program)

Today, nearly 300 cities (and some counties) have a 311 call system or use the underlying technology, known as customer relationship management (CRM), to track service requests and a host of other capabilities.  Cities must be able to engage with their constituents through the channels residents use most to reach out to city, stated and federal government. These include multi-channel support via phone, email, web chat, SMS text, web forms and mobile apps.

Below are a few 3-1-1 government in North America (demonstration purposes only):

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