How to Build A Contact Center

Creating a contact center. From scratch to an efficient team


In three days you will receive more information and experience than in a few years of work in the contact center. The training is built on the real experience of building many contact centers for different business areas by a person in love with Customer Care. You will be able to independently build your contact center using the acquired knowledge and experience. You will clearly understand what to ask vendors when choosing technology. The task of building a contact center will turn into a real plan of action for you.

The target audience

Administrators, Heads of Contact Centers, Project Managers, Vendors whose tasks include building a contact center.

Purpose of the event

For three days to give participants a clear and deep understanding of how to build a contact center from scratch and at the same time avoid mistakes.


We will focus on all the components of a successful contact center. Let us analyze the technical capabilities of various solutions, examine the KPI of the contact center, learn how to calculate the number of necessary personnel to launch the site, and much more.

  • Functions of the contact center.  Organization role in the company.
  • Choosing a site for accommodation.
  • The choice of premises, equipment, and technology.
  • Selection of telephone numbers.
  • Building technical architecture. How not to lose the “voice” of the client.
  • The organization of the incoming line. Queues and skills. Building call routing logic. IVR setup.
  • The organization of the outgoing line. Types of outbound campaigns. Customization options for different platforms.
  • Service organization via online chat.
  • Organization of e-mail service.
  • Social Media – building effective customer service.
  • Self Care as a tool to reduce the number of service requests. Variants of the organization.
  • Complaints – a tool for continuous improvement of service. How to build their reception and processing so that they bring the maximum benefits for the business.
  • Scripting rules.
  • CRM or where to start?
  • Online reporting. Without which we can not do.
  • Set up reports. KPI to start.
  • The choice of software for the contact center.
  • The organizational structure of the contact center, taking into account the number and types of calls.
  • Calculate the number of employees to start. Selection of the optimal work schedule of the contact center and operators to start.
  • The structure of the operating costs of the contact center.
  • So what is more profitable? In-house or outsourcing?

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