Accessibility Indicators in the Contact Center  — ONLINE!

Do not miss the intensive leveling skills for contact center managers, which you will need to bring the service in your companies to a new level and increase your own value in the market. As many as 5 lessons! The fifth lesson is completely devoted to the analysis of your cases!

Intensive program:

  • Trends in customer service. What to consider when strategic planning?
  • The situation in the customer service market.
  • Key skills that the customer service manager will need in 2019m. What is important to pump as soon as possible?
  • Which KPIs need to be measured immediately and why? Let us analyze how to correctly measure the Service level, Abandonment Rate, Blocked Rate A, Blocked Rate B, and other KPIs.
  • How to measure the quality of conversations? In our examples, you will be able to independently create a quality map, as well as implement a system that will help bring your contact center’s contact center processing to a new quality level.
  • How to measure customer loyalty.  Learn to measure NPS correctly.
  • Solutions and tools in customer experience that will be required to be in trend. You will be able to independently form your contact center’s requirements for a contact processing solution, simply by answering a series of questions from our speaker, which we will analyze in detail. You will understand what to talk about with integrators in order to choose the right product and your implementation was successful.
  • CRM – what to consider when implementing it.
  • A cool master class on the description of business processes. Learn about the many caps that companies allow when routing calls to prevent them, and using the example of incoming call routing, you can describe your contact center processes yourself.
  • Gift lesson. The decision of participants’ cases or gift individual express advice on any questions of interest to you, not necessarily related to the subject of the course.

Get ready for new challenges that will allow you to become cooler, pump skills, increase your value in the market and stand out among other cool expertise!

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