Managing Customers Effectively

Ensure your staff understand how their behavior links to customer experience and satisfaction

What client questions will it answer?

  • How can I help my staff understand the balance between satisfying the customer and meeting our business goals?

  • How can I make sure my staff feels confident that they can handle difficult conversations with our customers?

Who will benefit from it?

  • Front line staff

What is the format?​

  • Two-day workshop

This two-day facilitated workshop is aimed at front line customer service staff to improve their ability to effectively manage customer interactions to meet both the customer’s needs and their organization’s goals.

Topics include:

  • Service vs Experience

  • Understanding customer expectations

  • Conflict resolution (including Conflict Resolution Model)

  • Managing difficult customers and situations

  • Call handling techniques – creating lasting impressions

  • Basic stress management techniques.

As a result of this course, attendees will have an enhanced understanding of how to drive and manage customer interactions to a successful resolution.