GovCX Professionals

Rosetta has assembled team members across North America and serves both international and domestic government clients with single or multiple contact centers.  Lue & Associates Consulting Group provides services that focus on:

Government Contact Center Strategic Planning

Lue & Associations Consulting Group recognizes the growing importance of management and technology decisions on a client’s business and ultimate success or failure. Organizations today must be sharp, focused, and digital to handle the demands put upon them.

Government Contact Center Assessment and Benchmarking

Lue & Associates will use modernized and innovative cloud technology, in addition to on-site staff expertise, to help audit, assess, and benchmark your current environment.  An analysis of data gathering results includes mapping current practices against future goals and identifying gaps and misalignments using real-time innovate cloud technology from Snapshotz Online.

Government Multi-Channel Assessment Services

Lue & Associates Consulting Group will analyze the existing systems and services and assess whether their current multi-channel technologies will meet future business needs. Many factors drive these initiatives: outgrown capacities, changes in business focus, mergers, legislative pressures, cost-cutting mandates, and changes in the community ecosystem.


Government Customer Complaint Management Process and Recovery

Lue and Associate Consulting Group will help you to understand and identify customer challenges at are impacting the Administration or Agencies.  We will focus on complaint management best practices, including service level agreement development, agency adherence, automation, and policies, to assure your operations is effectively managing service challenges.

Government Workforce Optimization

Lue & Associates Consulting Group will work with you to optimize your staffing requirements while increasing your customer experience.  Workforce optimization is a strategy used to integrate siloed technologies and automate processes in order to reduce operational costs and to better manage employee performance, resulting in greater efficiency and higher community and customer satisfaction.

Custom Training Programs

Lue & Associates Consulting Group designs and develops customized contact center and customer service training programs that are tailored to the organization’s culture, business goals, people, and brand. We offer single experiences or entire programs built around your organization’s unique drivers and reflecting your vision and culture.

Our government training portfolio includes new hire onboarding, management seminars, communication, and business writing workshops, organization overviews, and transactional/user training.

Project Management

Need assistance in the planning and implementation management of a new or existing government contact center or program?  Whether you’re updating your systems, starting from ground zero, or seeking integration, Lue & Associates Consulting Group can take the heavy lift off your shoulders and complete the tasks on your behalf.