Operational Costs Effectiveness

Creating a contact center. From scratch to an efficient team

The target audience

Heads of contact centers and managers of companies who want to understand the cost structure, performance indicators, and effectiveness of their contact center, optimize their costs, while improving the quality of customer service.

Purpose of the event

To teach participants the basic indicators of measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the contact center, to help understand the cost structure of the contact center and learn how to calculate the cost of services.


  • Volume and load in the contact center. Incoming call statuses. AHT indicator – the principle of measurement.
  • Contact center performance. Performance metrics for incoming contacts.
  • The structure of the outgoing call. Performance indicators for outgoing contacts.
  • IVR performance indicators and basic recommendations for the development of IVR scenarios.
  • Calculation of the number of operators for launching a contact center or new projects (incoming and outgoing lines).
  • The structure of the operating costs of the contact center, cost, and principles of calculation.
  • In-house or outsourcing? Selection based on cost analysis and expected results.
  • Basic principles for reducing contact center costs. How to improve customer service while reducing costs?

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