You don’t time, patience or support to deal with your customer service challenges?

We are offering a new consulting service for small businesses owners, public sector, and large corporate organizations who needs immediate, short term, professional customer experience management support.

Industry subject-matter customer experience management expertise that can help incorporate customer centered innovations into your overall business strategy, or provide advice on project planning.

“We need help but I don’t have months to wait for someone to be hired! “Do you need immediate impact?  Someone that can come in within days of your request and immediately contribute positively to the bottom line?


“I can’t afford a full-time Customer Experience Professional (CXP).”  Rent-A-CXP allows you to have a part-time CXP.  20%, 40% – whatever your needs and budget allow.

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Is this your situation?

  • You receiving too many complaints and need a customer complaint recovery response processing?
  • You need a customized customer service training or company policy manual?
  • You need training, social media, complaint escalation documentation?  Need on-site or virtual training?
  • You need advise on improving customer service processes, technology, or performance data results?
  • You either haven’t justified hiring a full-time CXP, or you feel you can’t afford a full-time CXP.
  • You want to try things out for a period of time before making the commitment to a full-time CMO.

Sometimes a company can’t afford, or doesn’t need, a full-time CXP.  Rent-A-CXP allows you to get the expertise of a CXP for a fraction of the cost.  Maybe you want a day a week, with the ability to add another day in a few months.  Or you have a young staff that needs an experienced customer experience professional to guide them, but only part-time.  No problem!  We fit your needs.

Recently, a young company approached us with a request for help, but had a very limited budget. We worked within their budget to provide them with customer experience management expertise over a period of two months that met their budget requirements.

Rent-A-CXP is very flexible. You can ramp up, or ramp down, our services as needed. Need to start with two days a week and then ramp up to 5 days a week? No problem! Want to start with a day a week, then two days a week? We can do that too! You decide what you need. Onsite, offsite, whatever you want.

We handle everything that your permanent customer experience professional hire would.  Want to know more?  Request a free assessment to determine your CXP expertise needs by completing the form below, or email rosettalue@govcxp.