About Us

Rosetta Carrington Lue is the Founder and President of Lue & Associates and the Co-Founder of the national 311 Executive Leadership Council and the new 311 Government Professional Association.

She is one of the foremost experts on government customer-centric leadership and building welcoming, connective and innovative government.  Rosetta is a highly sought after speaker, keynoting high profile conferences and corporate events.

Rosetta created Lue & Associates after serving in various customer experience leadership positions in every level of government. This experience allows Rosetta and her team to be uniquely positioned to help their clients define customer experience strategic solutions to client’s organizational challenges.

Lue & Associates possess the ability to effectively guide government leaders and agencies to excel improving the customer and employee experiences based on their background as a practitioner working across municipal, local, city, state and federal government.

Certified woman and minority small business eligible for government contracting opportunities.